Entertainment and performance industry

2014/10/22 16:28:08 From:China Cultural Industry Association

At present, China boasts over 13,000 performing groups,among which 80% being private ones; 3,059 performance brokerage institutions has generated revenue of RMB 7.91 billion and 1,966 professional performance venues pocketed RMB 12.6 billion. Up to 2013, the number of annual performances nationwide exceeded 2 million,with year-on-year growth over 10%, and the total revenue approached RMB 40 billion.

The introduction of high-tech has become the highlight of stage art, as technological applications like digitalized stage-design, human-computer-interaction and visualization have garnered special attention. Today,China’s performance industry has integrated high techs in audio,light,electronic, form, image and music, presenting virtual settings in film, cartoon and gaming onto the kopia rolex stage through 3D digital projection system, and enhanced intelligent control over the stage and artistic expression of the performance in the comprehensive fashion.

China is ranked among the leading producer and exporter of cultural equipment products. In 2012, the total asset of China’s 5,588 performance equipment enterprises reached RMB 54.697 billion.