Cultural technology industry

2014/10/22 15:56:20 From:China Cultural Industry Association

The integrated development of culture and technology is a significant trend for China’s cultural industry. The breakthrough in internet technology and the construction of web infrastructure in particular have provided desired technological support for China’s cultural industry.

LeTV,as a representative company blending culture and technology, has made pronounced stride in developing “Super TV” integrating R & D in TV, internet and video technologies. It has changed TV-watching replicas relojes consumption pattern of Chinese audience, while leading the development trend of China’s online and mobile video industry.

Culture & technology-concentrated area is the key platform for the development of China’s cultural industry.By the end of 2013, 15 national cultural industry parks have attracted approximately 8,000 cultural entities, with workforce numbering over 400,000. In 2011, cultural enterprises at the parks realized revenue over RMB 120 billion, generating profit at RMB 16.8 billion, as the national cultural industry parks have become the key pillar of regional economic development and pivotal force of China’s cultural industry. As the physical carrier of cultural creative industry, China’s cultural tech parks,in parallel with the digital, information-centric and globalization trends, have merged industry incubation,demonstration and R & D functions. Represented by Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, China’s cultural tech parks encompass diverse areas like industrial design, engineering design, software design, visual communication design, architectural landscape design,interior design, film & TV advertising, arts and crafts and digital entertainment, and have formed the industry system covering wide spectrum of filds.