CCIA Meeting with Mr. Henry Paulson

2015/10/08 16:26:15 From:CCIA

On September 18th, the delegation of CCIA was invited to meet with Mr. Henry Paulson, Chairman of Paulson Institute as well as Former U.S. Treasury Secretary; and Ms. Cynthia Zeltwanger, Executive Director of Paulson Institute. During the meeting, the two sides conducted discussions on strengthening China-U.S. cultural exchanges and establishing high-level platform for international exchanges in cultural industries.

President Zhang Bin expressed, CCIA would dedicate to promoting the practical cooperation between Chinese and American enterprises in order to reach a win-win result. With ripe conditions, the initiative of establishing the World Cultural Industry Alliance, proposed by cultural circles from both countries, would contribute to a high-level platform for international cultural exchanges.

Mr. Henry Paulson welcomed CCIA delegation and spoke highly of Mr. Zhang Bin’s suggestion. He indicated, with high-speed economic development in China, it was necessary to develop and strengthen the cooperation in cultural industries between the two countries; The Paulson Institutewas dedicated to China-U.S. exchanges and hoped to conduct further collaboration with CCIA in areas of culture, economy, trade, environment protection, etc.

  President Zhang Bin and Mr. Henry Paulson

  From left: Mr. Hu Kaiwen, Assistant to Chairman of Lao Niu Foundation; Ms. Cynthia Zeltwanger, Executive Director of Paulson Institute; President Zhang Bin; Mr. Henry Paulson; Mr. Niu Gensheng, Senior Consultant of CCIA and Honorary President of Lao Niu Foundation; Mr. Feng Peng, Volunteer of Lao Niu Foundation.