Address from Cai Wu, Minister of Culture of the P.R.C.

2013/11/08 14:57:07 From:CCIA

Thanks to joint efforts by a lot of colleagues in the field of cultural industry, China Cultural Industry Association is established formally. It is a joyous occasion in cultural industry. On behalf of Ministry of Culture, I extend my warm congratulations to the establishment of the Association!
At present, the development of cultural industry is facing unprecedented opportunities. A special discussion with the subject of culture was conducted for the first time in the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th Party Congress. The session announced clearly to realize cultural development and prosperity so as to “promote the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy.” The 18th Party Congress made it clear again to achieve the goal before 2020 and planned to “develop new cultural formats and improve the scale, intensification and specialization of cultural industry”. The new administration will attach more importance to the development of cultural industry. We can say that there is a brilliant future and bright prospect in the cultural industry.
Developing industrial social organization and promoting industrial self-regulation is an important measure to transform government function and deepen reform of the cultural system. According to the general requirement for institutional reform of the State Council, Ministry of Culture will further deepen the reform, hand over those things which can be dealt with by social forces such as social organizations and bodies and mobilize the vitality of the whole society to deal with cultural construction.
The establishment of China Cultural Industry Association will exert the active role of social organizations in the cultural industry. It not only conform to the development requirement of the times, but also is beneficial to the perfectness of the communication channel between the government and the industry, to the improvement of demonstration effect of excellent cultural enterprises, to the self-regulation and construction of Cultural Industry Base Part, to the international exchange of the Chinese cultural industry and to the prosperity and development of China’s cultural industry. I hope the Association, from now on, can cooperate with the government, devote the development of the industry, create benefits for society, serve the members of the Association, and foster on the platform of the Association a number of leading enterprises rich in culture and good in economic benefits, and a number of cultural entrepreneurs rich in sense of responsibility, good at operation and successful in management, so as to promote and produce a number of best cultural products both with social and economic benefits and successfully carry out a number of cultural industrial projects with large influence and good benefit.
Ministry of Culture, as competent authority for China Cultural Industry Association, will vigorously strengthen business guidance for the Association, actively support its development and construction, encourage and guide cultural enterprises to play a role through social organizations and promote the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy and make more contributions.
Finally, best wishes for China Cultural Industry Association to develop smoothly with a great prospect and to make its due contributions to promote the development and revitalization of China’s cultural industry.
  Cai Wu
  Minister of Culture of the P.R.C.
  April 23th 2013